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Zoological Garden in Lodz was founded in 1938. In 2013, Lodz Zoo presented 2,245 animals from 677 species. The Zoo Garden is the only one in Poland which presents the endangered Asiatic lions. The Zoo offers many objects: monkeys pavilion, which presents primates for instance endangered lion-tailed macaque, the emperor tamarin; aquarium - the object consisting of 22 tanks; vivarium - the building where amphibians and reptiles are presented; butterflies pavilion, where exotic butterflies dikdiks and birds are presented; small mammals pavilion opened in 2014; the pavilion of "World of Birds" - opened to the public in 2003.

The Park of Survivors is the youngest park in Lodz. It borders with the area of the former Litzmannstadt Ghetto. It was created to commemorate the memory about people who survived from Lodz Ghetto. During the 60th anniversary of Liquidation of Litzmannstadt Ghetto, the ceremonial start of park construction took place in 2004. At that time, survivors and their families planted 370 trees. The main alley of the park goes through its central part and connects two major objects: the monument of Poles who saved Jews during WWII and The Memory Mound which is a 10-metres hill.

Pilsudzki Park, also known as 'Park na Zdrowiu' is one of the biggest parks in Poland and Europe. It has 172 ha. The park was established the first half of the 20th century. There are located the zoological garden,the botanical garden (the biggest in Poland) and the reserve of 'Polesie Konsantynowskie'. The park is perfect recreational place with many facilities: stadium, Jordan's gardens, a shooting range, a parachute tower and much more.

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